Suggested Case Studies

At your family meeting, you might want to include a discussion of a couple of case studies that illustrate situations your family might face some day.

With each case study, we provide state-specific answers for Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Responses for your state may vary. An elder law or estate-planning attorney licensed in your state can assist you with these types of situations.

Lesson Contents

I. Introduction

II. Advance Directives for Health Care

III. Starting an Advance Directive Discussion

a. Plan Ahead
b. Hold a Family Meeting
b.1. Deciding Who Should Be Involved
b.2. Preparing for the Meeting
b.3. Suggested Case Studies
c. Talk Among Family Members

V. Learn More


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Communicate Your Advance Directives for Health Care belongs to a series called Legally Secure Your Financial Future. The series also includes information to help you organize important household papers and begin preparing your estate plan.