Talking to Children About Money

Children learn about and use money
continuously. How children use
money will affect not only their
economic stability and security
throughout life, but also how they
live and feel about their lives.
Parents and other adults can help
children learn about and develop
money management skills by
discussing money with them, planning
together and providing children
with positive learning experiences.

Children and Money

Children are not born with “money
sense.” They learn about money by what
they see, hear and …

Discussing Money Problems with Children

When money becomes scarce, the whole family, from young children to teens to
parents, can feel the pinch. Though family members may have limited or no control
over the causes of their financial difficulties, they can control their responses and
discuss money problems in a way that minimizes stress and anxiety in children.

• Parents can turn tough times into
learning situations. Help children
realize that managing money in
tough times requires communication,
patience and hard work. Also, assist
children …

Teaching Children the Value of Money

Ever wondered why your children want so much more than you did as a child?

Parents are battling a whole new set of circumstances than our parents did with us, and this is bigger than simple cases of the “I wants.” Advertisers play a substantial role in the lives of children. Due to well financed and elaborate ad campaigns, children recognize brands in toddlerhood and they request brand names already in their preschool years.

The good news is that amidst …

Love Your Money

Love Your Money is an online course to help college students learn basic money skills. Join George, Ben and Abe as they come to the aid of a group of typical college students with real money issues. As each student works through his or her money problem, you’ll learn that treating your money with TLC while you’re young can help secure your financial future for the years to come.

This resource was made possible by a generous grant from the …

Are Gift Cards Wise Presents for Kids?

Ahh . . . gift cards, they are the ideal gift! … Or are they?

Gift cards are easy. They come in all price ranges. They save time. They’re perfect for the individual who has everything. They prevent worry about buying “the wrong thing.” They are available in all shapes, colors and sizes – some with fascinating holograms of dancing animals and other fun images that can be presented with a little WOW in perfectly sized decorative tins, cards or …

Saving for Children’s College Education

Yilmazer, T. (2008). Saving for children’s college education: an empirical analysis of the trade-off between the quality and quantity of children. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 29(2), 307-324.

Brief Description: This paper examines the effect of children’s college expenses on household savings. Using the actual amount of parents’ financial support, the model estimates the expected expenditures on children’s college education and investigates the effect of expected expenditures on parents’ savings. The results show that households save in advance …

Wonderful Low Cost Summer Activities for Kids and Families

Kids from behind with fountain in front

Here are a number of wonderful low cost summer activities for kids and families that help families keep their hard-earned money in their pockets.

With each of these ideas, you might fashion “what to do” boxes. Create two boxes – one for “outside” and one for “indoors” – containing index cards with activities written on them. Rotate who in the family gets to pick the card for that day. This is a great way to avoid activities that cost a …

Money Talks: Web Site for Teens

The Money Talks web site offers teens, and their teachers, a fun and interactive opportunity to learn about money management. Teens can play games, take quizzes, watch videos, read or download colorful teen guides, and more. The web site is available in English or Spanish.

Teens Shopping! Is there a plan?

The Money Talks series is broken into three modules:

  • Should I Be Listening?
  • Should I Be Banking?
  • Should I Be Charging?

These cover ten financial topics, for example; money …

Thrive by Five

Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving–free activities and other resources for parents who want to encourage healthy attitudes about money in young children.

Thrive by Five (TM): Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving–free activities and other resources for parents who want to encourage healthy attitudes about money in young children.

Link to: Thrive by Five


mother and child with piggy bank

Teaching Your Preschooler About Spending and Saving (available in both English and Spanish). Children learn about money from many sources. Long before they …