Financial Security for All Community Page

What is Financial Security for All?

The Financial Security for All Community of Practice, a virtual community led by twelve Extension professionals from across the country, has over 300 members from Land Grant Universities in 44 states and one territory. Members develop resources on personal finance; provide peer-reviewed Frequently Asked Questions and other featured resources; and answer Ask an Expert questions.

Financial security, the ability to meet day-to-day expenses while saving and investing for tomorrow, is a lifelong goal for most individuals and families. The national Financial Security for All team works collaboratively to provide consumers a source of reliable and up-to-date financial and consumer information through a knowledge base of commonly asked questions that have science-based, peer reviewed answers.

A variety of learning lessons have been developed to create self-paced learning opportunities that youth and adults can use to further enhance their knowledge in particular areas.

We hope you enjoy learning about how to successfully manage your money and resources. We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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