Linking financial strain to marital instability: examining the roles of emotional distress and marital interation


Gudmunson, C., Beutler, I., Israelsen, C., McCoy, K. & Hill, J. (2007) Linking financial strain to marital instability: examining the roles of emotional distress and marital interaction.Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 28(3), 357-376.

Brief Description: This study investigates whether individual moods or couple interactions are stronger links between financial strain and thoughts of ending a marriage. It finds that both are important. Feelings of depression and hostility are experienced individually as a result of financial strain. In …

Financial Information and its Relationships to Knowledge and Behavior of Teens


Koonce, J. C., Mimura, Y., Mauldin, T. A., Rupured, M., & Jordan, J. (2008) Financial information: Is it related to savings and investing knowledge and financial behavior of teens? Financial Counseling and Planning, 19(2), 19-28.

Brief Description: This study investigates the association between sources of financial information and the saving/investing knowledge and the financial behavior of teens. Getting more financial information from parents was linked to setting financial goals and saving all or part of teens’ earnings. attitudes towards …

Valuing the implementation of financial literacy education


Davis, K. & Durband, D.B. (2008). Valuing the implementation of financial literacy education. Financial Counseling and Planning, 19(1), 20-30.

Brief Description: This study surveyed 279 Texas Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members to determine at what monetary level individuals will support financial literacy education. Respondents reported a willingness to pay additional property taxes to fund financial education. Gambling proceeds and state sales tax were other acceptable revenue sources. The least preferred funding method for financial education was state income tax.


Money aspirations about living well: Middle school student perceptions


Beutler, I., Beutler, L, & McCoy, J.K. (2008). Money aspirations about living well: Middle school student perceptions. Financial Counseling and Planning, 19(1), 44-60.

Brief Description: This study explored the aspirations of 187 middle school students, specifically their perceptions of “living well,” to better understand the financial values adopted by adolescents. Extrinsic goal orientations, focused on achieving external rewards such as praise from others, were highly status laden, linking expensive and exclusive possessions with self-image and identity. Social status was …

MFLN Personal Finance Virtual Learning Event

Graphic of 2016 Personal Finance VLE details with photo of jogger

Enhancing Financial Fitness

The Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance Virtual Learning Event (VLE) is a 3-day virtual event aimed at connecting personal finance managers and educators working with military service members with research, resources and each other. The 2016 event will focus on the research, traits and behaviors that lead to financial success. Being “financially fit” means having financial understanding and the capability to make positive financial decisions. 

2016 Events

Molly Herndon

Molly Herndon

  Molly Herndon is the Social Media Specialist for the Military Families Learning Network’s Personal Finance Concentration Area. Since 2011, she has managed her team’s social media presence and worked to create a network for Extension Educators and Military Personal Finance Managers by providing resources and information on personal finance topics through various social media outlets and the Military Families Learning Network Blog. She has also supported the efforts of her team by coordinating and promoting monthly professional …

How to Obtain Continuing Education Units for Military Families Personal Finance Webinars

The Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team offers 1.5 continuing education units to AFC-credentialed participants for live and recorded personal finance webinars.

Procedures for obtaining CEUs via live webinars

  • AFC-credentialed participants can earn 1.5 CEUs by attending 90-minute online Personal Finance webinars that are presented online with a live speaker.
  • A link to an online evaluation is shown at the end of the webinar. Visit this link and complete the evaluation.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, a second

Merit-based college scholarships status and financial behaviors among college students


Goetz, J. W., Mimura, Y., Desai, M. P., & Cude, B. J. (2008). HOPE or no-HOPE: Merit-based college scholarship status and financial behaviors among college students.Financial Counseling and Planning, 19(1), 12-19.

Brief Description: This study explored differences in financial behavior between college undergraduates who retained the merit-based HOPE Scholarship and those who lost it. Students who initially had scholarships but lost them were less likely to use recommended financial practices and had higher credit card debt and student …

Money Talks: Web Site for Teens

The Money Talks web site offers teens, and their teachers, a fun and interactive opportunity to learn about money management. Teens can play games, take quizzes, watch videos, read or download colorful teen guides, and more. The web site is available in English or Spanish.

Teens Shopping! Is there a plan?

The Money Talks series is broken into three modules:

  • Should I Be Listening?
  • Should I Be Banking?
  • Should I Be Charging?

These cover ten financial topics, for example; money …