IFYF Study Guide

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: Basic Building Blocks of Successful Financial Management
  • Unit 2: Investing Basics
  • Unit 3: Finding Money to Invest
  • Unit 4: Ownership Investments
  • Unit 5: Fixed-Income Investing
  • Unit 6: Mutual Fund Investing
  • Unit 7: Tax-Deferred Investments
  • Unit 8: Investing Small Dollar Amounts
  • Unit 9: Getting Help: Investing Resources
  • Unit 10: Selecting Financial Professionals
  • Unit 11: Investment Fraud



  • Study Guide
  • Action Steps
  • Monthly Investment Messages
  • Glossary

Investing For Your Future

Study Guide

This Study Guide is a supplement to the Cooperative Extension basic investing home study course, Investing For Your Future. It is designed as a self-study tool to reinforce key course concepts and to aid readers in understanding the process of investing. – Revised: July 2008

This publication was funded with a grant from the Foundation For Financial Planning, Inc.

IFYF Message to Reader

Review Questions and Applications


  • Unit 1 Basic Building Blocks of Successful Financial Management
  • Unit 2 Investing Basics
  • Unit 3 Finding Money to Invest
  • Unit 4 Ownership Investments
  • Unit 5 Fixed-Income Investing
  • Unit 6 Mutual Fund Investing
  • Unit 7 Tax-Deferred Investments
  • Unit 8 Investing with Small Dollar Amounts
  • Unit 9 Getting Help: Investing Resources
  • Unit 10 Selecting Your Team of Financial Professionals
  • Unit 11 Investment Fraud


Answers to the Review Questions



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