Investing Unit 10: Summary



Selecting your team of financial professionals, and especially someone to advise you on investments, is only the first step. Building this relationship and getting the most payback for your investment dollar requires constant monitoring on your part. Be involved. Ask questions. Review your portfolio periodically, at least yearly, to be sure your investment strategy will help you reach your financial goals.

Review monthly statements carefully and understand what they say. Monitor economic conditions (e.g., interest rates) to see things on the horizon that may affect your investments. Then consult with your financial professional for advice. If you have a problem or complaint about your financial professional, act quickly to resolve the situation.

Building your financial professional team is only a start. Being an active part of that team will increase your chances of making wise investment choices. Often, financial professionals stay with you for a lifetime and can be as great an asset as a solid net worth. Choose wisely.

Work on the Action Steps now to get started.