Hold a Family Meeting

family discussion

The best situation to foster communication among family members may be a formalized meeting to address concerns. The initiator might contact each person by phone, letter, or e-mail to suggest holding a meeting at a convenient time. Conducting end-of-life discussions during emotionally demanding events, such as holidays and family celebrations, may not be the best time for some families. A time when all are fresh may be better. However, holidays and family celebrations may be the only occasion when you can gather together—and a discussion like this could make it a particularly meaningful event.

Lesson Contents

I. Introduction

II. Advance Directives for Health Care

III. Starting an Advance Directive Discussion

a. Plan Ahead
b. Hold a Family Meeting
b.1. Deciding Who Should Be Involved
b.2. Preparing for the Meeting
b.3. Suggested Case Studies
c. Talk Among Family Members

V. Learn More


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