Adult Children Moving Home

Adult children move in with their parents for a number of reasons, including economic hardship. As this move will change the parents’ household expenses, adult children have a responsibility to contribute to the upkeep of the household. It is important to talk openly and honestly about money arrangements before the adult child moves home. Be as specific as possible and put the arrangement in writing for all parties involved.





Costs of Maintaining Household

What is the current monthly cost for food, electric, cable, etc. How much will those items increase?

How will the costs be shared?

Will contributions be in cash or work?

Who will do cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, etc.?

Employment Expectations

Discuss everyone’s expectations in regards to employment. Should the adult child wait for the right job or take short‐term employment?

Other things to Consider

Is there a specific time limit to this arrangement?

Is financial help viewed as a gift or a loan?

How will visitors be handled, especially overnight visitors?

Will everyone eat together?

The cost of food will increase; will there be a change in the types of food purchased?

If the adult child has children, who will do the discipline? What arrangements are appropriate for child care?

Sharing a home is a big decision for everyone involved; effective family communication is critical to making a smooth transition.