Women in Business-owning Families


Philbrick, C. & Fitzgerald, M. (2007). Women in business-owning families: A comparison of roles, responsibilities and predictions of family functionality. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 28(4), 618-634.

Brief Description: This paper compares groups of women associated with family businesses in order to determine what factors predict how they function. Using the Sustainable Family Business (SFB) model, family and business characteristics are studied, as well as areas of interface between family and business systems. Results of this study indicate that women in business-owning families are able to function at fairly high levels despite the challenges of multiple-role responsibilities.

Implications: Women who have families and run businesses may be more challenged than men to balance family and work responsibilities. Family business consultants and family therapists must be aware of the multiple roles and responsibilities for women associated with a family firm. More research is needed to understand how to achieve relatively high levels of functionality in both the family and the business.