What is a ChoicePoint report?

A ChoicePoint report is a type of credit report that is used by insurance companies, landlords, and employers to make decisions about the character and creditworthiness of applicants. ChoicePoint is a “data aggregator” firm that combines information from a variety of public and private databases and sells it to private sector firms and government agencies. The company had several high-profile security breaches during the 2000s. Consumers can obtain a free copy of a ChoicePoint report about them if one exists.

For more information about ChoicePoint reports, see www.choicetrust.com.

To dispute credit information in a ChoicePoint report, call 1-866-323-0932. ChoicePoint can correct information in a credit report only if the error resulted from their system. Otherwise, ChoicePoint will communicate a specific dispute to the credit bureau from which a credit report was originally obtained. The credit bureau will investigate the issue and notify ChoicePoint of the outcome. ChoicePoint, in turn, will communicate with the consumer requesting an investigation.

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