Short-Term Goals

A short-term record-keeping goal might be to write to an appropriate agency by the end of this week to obtain a copy of an important document. To make the goal more specific, indicate the name of the document (such as your birth certificate), the agency you will contact, and the dates when you’ll start and complete the task.

Man with camera

A short-term household inventory goal might be to videotape or photograph your household property this month. To make this goal more specific and measurable, list the rooms you will photograph and the dates you will complete each one. During the following month, use the Household Inventory Interactive Form (available in rtf format) to record the description, brand, serial number, purchase date, and price or estimated current value of major household items.

Download the Short-Term Goal Setting Worksheet (available in pdf format) to see how you can use it to plan for a short-term financial goal.