Credit Cards

Welcome to PowerPay: PowerPay is a system designed to help you eliminate debt in the fastest possible way. PowerPay works when you are willing to:

  • Make a commitment to stop borrowing or buying with credit.
  • Systematically pay off debts.
  • Absolve each debt and continue to apply that debt payment to the next debt obligation.

Total monthly payments don’t change, but the distribution of those payments changes and the overall debt will generally be retired sooner and with considerable savings to you.

Developed by: F. Dean Miner Jr., Judy Harris and Ann House. Website developed by the Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University.

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Disclaimer: The online version of PowerPay may provide calculations that differ slightly from those produced by other means. This product is suitable for educational purposes only. Plan your finances with the aid of good common sense and an experienced financial advisor when necessary. Copyright(c) 1994, 1999-2006 Utah State University Extension

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