Marriage licenses, marriage dissolutions, adoption decrees

In your state: To replace marriage licenses and marriage dissolution or adoption decrees, contact the main office of the county government in which the license was obtained, the marriage occurred, or the dissolution or adoption was filed and ask where these records are kept. If you’re not sure which county the original document was issued by, contact the office in your state where these records are kept (typically the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the Department of Health). There will be a charge for replacing these records, usually due at the time of the request. You will likely be asked to provide name(s) on the record, date of the event, and location of the event (city or county). You may also be able to request replacements electronically via

Out of state: If the marriage, dissolution, or adoption occurred outside your state, contact the District Court of the county in which the event took place or the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. Alternatively, visit

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