Managing Stress in Financial Crisis

Sources of Stress

  • Prices rise but your income stays the same
  • Cut‐backs, layoffs, or other restructuring creates job instability
  • You feel frustration with family members’ spending or debt
  • You have medical, automobile or household expenses that pile up
  • An unexpected event or crisis creates money problems for the family (illness, death, divorce, etc.)

Take Care of Your Body

Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Take time for an enjoyable physical activity to relieve stress.

Get enough sleep. We tend to be more on edge and have less to give when we are tired.

Take Care of Your Emotions

Try to maintain a positive outlook. Remember that the economy has cycles; sometimes they are down, but they will go back up again.

You need to set aside some time every day, to laugh, relax, and enjoy life.

Make sure you have someone you can talk to if times get tough. This could be a spouse, partner, sibling, parent, or good friend.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Most people are willing to lend a hand when others are having a difficult time.

Consider seeing a doctor, marriage and family therapist or other professional if you feel overwhelmed.

Photo by morgan / CC BY