Join Us on April 29th for a Live Twitter Chat!

Cooperative Extension Money Smart Week Event 2016

Cooperative Extension is celebrating Money Smart Week with a live Twitter chat and Google Hangout. Join the conversation at 1:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 29th, using Twitter and hashtag #MSWchat. You can also view our panelists live on our Google Hangout (link provided below).

Cooperative Extension is a long-standing national Money Smart Week partner and participates in MSW events in communities across the U.S. More information about the MSW/USDA partnership can be found here:
Panelists for the #MSWchat include Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Rutgers University, Dr. Erik Anderson, University of Idaho, Dr. Erica Tobe, Michigan State University, Dr. Elizabeth Kiss, Kansas State University, Dr. Laura Hendrix, University of Arkansas, Kathy Sweedler, University of Illinois, and Ricki McWilliams, financial education consultant. Bob Bertsch, Web Technology Specialist for North Dakota State University, will serve as moderator.

General Instructions:

Questions That Our Panelists Will Discuss:
Q1: What is the first step that someone should take to become smarter about money?
Q2: What are the advantages of being “money smart”?
Q3: What are the disadvantages of NOT being “money smart”?
Q4: What or who is your #1 personal finance information resource?
Q5: What organizations can help people become “money smart”?
Q6: What other resources can help people become “money smart”?
Q7: How do you personally increase your “money smartness”?
Q8: Are “money smart” people smart about other aspects of life (e.g., health)?
Q9: How can parents raise “money smart” children?
Q 10: Do you have any final “money smart” tips?

Money Smart Week is a collaborative public awareness campaign designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. It was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002. For more information, please go to