How are health insurance and car insurance similar and different?

Car (automobile) insurance is similar to health insurance in a very important way: both types of policies provide protection against financial losses. 

Automobile and health insurance both help policyholders cover large costs that could financially devastate the individual or the family, like those experienced in unexpected car accidents or major medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, expensive tests, or hospital stays. 

Health insurance generally provides a wider range of benefits than car insurance. Car insurance, for example, will not pay for routine expenses, like diagnostics, oil changes, fluids, or new tires while health insurance often does help pay for routine screenings and check-ups. Under the Affordable Care Act all policies obtained through the Marketplace will cover several essential health benefits that focus on screening, preventing disease and increasing wellness.

No health insurance plan covers every service and prices vary, so it is important to shop around to see what each option provides to best meet your health care needs.