A service member cannot afford to pay the minimum payment on a Military Star Card. Can the interest rate be lowered?

It should be noted at the outset that the “real” problem is probably not the interest rate. It is more likely the service member’s spending habits and debt accumulation. Lowering the interest rate may not be enough to help a service member pay the minimum payment.

The only time the Military Star Card will lower interest rates is if a service member is deployed. The Military Star Card will reduce interest to 6% for all current balances plus new purchases while deployed; in addition, the card will require no payments during the deployment period. The Military Star Card can also set up monthly allotments for repayment.

To qualify for the 6% interest rate reduction, service members must send a copy of their deployment orders. Questions should be directed to a Military Star Card customer service representative at 1-877-891-STAR. For more information, refer to https://shop.aafes.com/shop/Login.aspx?ReturnURL=https://shop.aafes.com/shop/default.aspx?loc=http://odin.aafes.com/starcard/deployment.asp~.

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