Is there anyone who can help me determine my best health insurance option?

Each state will have consumer helpers available to assist individuals with health insurance decision-making. Find these helpers at the official site which provides accurate information to guide you through health insurance decision-making, and which also connects you to the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state.

Beware of commercial insurance industry professionals offering “free advice” or “assistance;” their efforts may be just a ploy to get you to buy their company’s policy regardless of other options that may meet …

What is the prenotification negative option rule?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Prenotification Negative Option Rule. This rule requires companies to give consumers information about their negative option plans, clearly and conspicuously, in any promotional materials that consumers use to enroll. If the sales presentation for a plan is made orally, such as on the phone, the terms and conditions still must be disclosed clearly and conspicuously during the presentation.

For example, companies must tell buyers:

* Whether there’s a minimum purchase obligation;

* How …