Talking to Children About Money

Children learn about and use money
continuously. How children use
money will affect not only their
economic stability and security
throughout life, but also how they
live and feel about their lives.
Parents and other adults can help
children learn about and develop
money management skills by
discussing money with them, planning
together and providing children
with positive learning experiences.

Children and Money

Children are not born with “money
sense.” They learn about money by what
they see, hear and …

Financial Security: Talking About Money

Why should we talk about money? We learned as children how impolite it was to ask how much someone paid for something, didn’t we?

Unfortunately, there can be severe consequences when money is not talked about. Many couples cite money problems as a factor in divorce. Consumers find they have been taken advantage of when they do not ask for estimates before buying goods and services. And many families are forced to deal with addtional stress after the death of