Investing Unit 9: Action Steps



Image:Check.gif Check off the steps after you have completed them.

Image:Square.gif Begin by reading the business and financial pages in the newspaper on a regular basis.
Image:Square.gif Subscribe to a personal finance magazine.
Image:Square.gif Find out if an investment club meets in your area and visit one of their meetings.
Image:Square.gif Read business and finance news on the Internet: Visit USA Today Money page or The Wall Street Journal Interactive or Quicken investments
Image:Square.gif Read a business or finance magazine on the Internet: Money magazine money.cnn.comor Smart Money
Image:Square.gif Investigate mutual fund information online through resources such as Morningstar, the Mutual Fund Education Alliance, or Lipper Analytical Services.
Image:Square.gif Set up a “portfolio” online of stocks you own or are watching
Image:Square.gif Research a company or an industry online. Request information, such as the Annual Report, be sent to you in the mail or by e-mail. Search SEC’s EDGAR database for information about the company.
Image:Square.gif Go to the library and see if Value Line Investment Survey is available. Review the information on how to read Value Line pages and look up a company you are interested in knowing more about.