Wallet or Purse

Wallet money and creditcards

Some frequently needed items should be kept with you at all times. Your wallet or purse is the best place to store:

  • Your driver’s license or alternative personal identification
  • One or two credit cards that you use often
  • Your health insurance or Medicare card (unless it has your Social Security number on it)
  • Your blood type, organ donor card, and special medical information, including the name and telephone number of your family physician

Make sure all cards and other information are current.

Do not carry your Social Security card — or a Medicare card bearing your Social Security number — in your wallet or purse. A dishonest person could use your Social Security number, your birth date, and other information in your wallet to steal your identity. If you need to access your Social Security or Medicare card frequently, keep them in a secure place at home. If your driver’s license has your Social Security number on it, request an alternate number.

Wallets or purses can be easily lost or stolen. Photocopy items in your wallet or purse and keep the copies in a safe place at home. They will be useful if you need to replace any of the items and/or report identity theft.