Molly Herndon

Molly Herndon

  Molly Herndon is the Social Media Specialist for the Military Families Learning Network’s Personal Finance Concentration Area. Since 2011, she has managed her team’s social media presence and worked to create a network for Extension Educators and Military Personal Finance Managers by providing resources and information on personal finance topics through various social media outlets and the Military Families Learning Network Blog. She has also supported the efforts of her team by coordinating and promoting monthly professional …

How to Obtain Continuing Education Units for Military Families Personal Finance Webinars

The Military Families Learning Network Personal Finance team offers 1.5 continuing education units to AFC-credentialed participants for live and recorded personal finance webinars.

Procedures for obtaining CEUs via live webinars

  • AFC-credentialed participants can earn 1.5 CEUs by attending 90-minute online Personal Finance webinars that are presented online with a live speaker.
  • A link to an online evaluation is shown at the end of the webinar. Visit this link and complete the evaluation.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, a second

How much should I budget for home maintenance expenses?

Housing experts recommend budgeting about 1% of the purchase price of your home per year for home maintenance and repairs. Of course, the actual amount spent will vary from month to month and year to year.

For example, if someone owns a $240,000 home, they should plan to spend around $2,400 per year or about $200 a month on home maintenance.

Ideally, this money should be set aside in an earmarked account so that it is available as needed.

We’re …