Investing Unit 8: Summary

You don’t need a last name like “Gates” or “Trump” to become an investor. What you do need are investments that make it easy to get started with small dollar amounts. This unit has reviewed a variety of options ranging from tax-deferred employer retirement plans and IRAs to conservative U.S. Treasury and Series EE savings bonds to growth-oriented stocks and stock index funds. There’s no time like the present to become an investor. Use the Shoestring Investment Comparison Worksheet to compare potentail investments. Follow the action steps and you’re on your way.

Shoestring Investment Comparison Worksheet

Characteristic Investment #1 Investment #2 Investment #3
Guaranteed or Recent Investment Rate of Return (e.g., 7%)
Minimum Initial Deposit Amount (e.g., $500)
Minimum Subsequent Deposit Amount (e.g., $50)
Up-Front Cost or Commission, if any
Investment Objective (e.g., growth, income)

Work on the Action Steps now to get started.