Investing Unit 7: Action Steps


Image:Check.gif Action Steps Check off the steps after you have completed them.

Image:Square.gif Ask if your employer has a tax-deferred retirement plan [e.g. 401(k)].
Image:Square.gif Find out what investment choices are available in the employer plan.
Image:Square.gif Find out if your employer matches your investment dollars and, if so, how much is the match.
Image:Square.gif Set a date to start contributing or to increase your contribution – either a dollar amount or a percentage of your salary.
Image:Square.gif If you are self-employed, determine the type of retirement fund you could start, set an amount and begin making contributions.
Image:Square.gif Check out IRAs and determine which type is best for your age and income level.
Image:Square.gif Increase contributions to your tax-deferred plan each time your pay increases.