Investing Unit 6: Action Steps



Image:Check.gif Action Steps

Image:Square.gif Make a list of long- and short-term financial goals so you can match them with an appropriate mutual fund.
Image:Square.gif Learn about mutual fund investment choices (e.g., stock funds) available through your employer’s retirement plan (e.g., 401(k), 403(b)).
Image:Square.gif Attend an investment seminar sponsored by Cooperative Extension or finanical services firms.
Image:Square.gif Contact Cooperative Extension for additional personal finance and investing information, Web pages, fact sheets, etc.
Image:Square.gif Decide on your selection criteria (e.g., minimum deposit, low expense ratio).
Image:Square.gif Identify specific mutual funds that match your investment goals.
Image:Square.gif Call at least three mutual fund organizations for a prospectus.
Image:Square.gif Do further reading on these mutual funds and mutual funds in general (e.g., prospectus, annual report, books).
Image:Square.gif Do follow-up research using Morningstar or Value Line and compare at least three mutual funds of the same type for performance, cost, and risk.
Image:Square.gif Complete a mutual fund application and make an investment.
Image:Square.gif Track the progress of your fund(s) at least quarterly.